Freshman Team Parent Meeting

2021 Freshman Team Parent Meeting time will be posted this Spring!

Freshman Registaration Form

Freshman Information Handout

  • We will be collecting paperwork and birth certificates at this meeting
  • Players are not required but are welcome to attend this meeting
  • Paperwork can be found HERE
  • As noted on the Freshman Info Handout, please bring the following to the meeting
    1. Pay-to-Play Fee of $110 – check made out to EBI
    2. Completed 2020 Freshman Registration Form
    3. Original Birth Certificate (no photocopies will be accepted)
  • American Legion requires us to keep the birth certificates during the season, so if you don’t have an official copy that you can give to us, you may want to obtain one.  We will give it back to you at the end of the season.

****If you are a Freshman and are planning to try out for the JV team, you must have a current physical on file or you will not be allowed to tryout.  Any freshman player that tries out for the JV team but makes the Freshman team instead will need to complete all of the Freshman paperwork before the season starts.

If your player does not make the team we will give your pay-to-play fee back along with the Birth Certificate at the field.