IHSAA State Champions 2003 & 2011

2017 Eagle Mustangs & Legion Vipers

Parents of Middle School athletes,

IHSAA and West Ada school district forbid any 8th graders from working out with the HS baseball team and coaches.

We understand there is a desire to have a place for 8th graders, who plan to try out for the 9th grade HS team, to hit during the winter. We have been working to facilitate a solution which will accomplish this goal. Over the past months, EBI has been working to insure that we maximize the value of our great hitting facility. We want to make sure that everyone in that facility is properly insured, that the equipment and facility is safe and properly maintained, and to make sure that we operate the program and facility in such a way that is in strict compliance with District and IHSAA rules while also maximizing the long term viability of the facility.

IHSAA and West Ada School District forbids the HS coach from being involved in any 8th grade workouts. As such, EBI has agreed to hire Caleb Falk to run a winter hitting program for 8th graders who desire to hit during the winter months. Caleb will be paid to assist with the 8th grade workouts this winter and he will ensure that every attendee is able to maximize their time in the facility, get quality instruction and a ton of swings! To further ensure compliance and proper risk management, every non-HS team and individual who uses the facility must be properly insured and we must account for who is in the facility at all times. This means that any and all non-EHS team or individual using in the facility is paying a fee to offset the insurance and ongoing maintenance and operational costs. As such, we are requiring a few items from anyone who wishes to participate in the voluntary 8thgrade winter workout program:

  1. The parent and participant must attend an informational meeting on Thursday, December 1st at 7pm at the facility. This will be short, 10 to 15 minutes in length. It is informational only, a chance to meet Caleb and ask questions, sign up and sign the required forms.
  2. Everyone who wishes to participate must sign up. There can be no ‘walk ins’. You must register to participate. We must strictly adhere to this policy; unfortunately if you are not formally and properly registered we cannot allow your child in the facility.
  3. There will be a fee, which will be dependent, upon the total number of kids but will be between $100 and $150.00 for the entire Winter. This will cover hitting twice a week, Tuesdays and Thursdays from December 6th through the third week of February (with two weeks off during the school break over the Holidays). We will need a minimum of 10 players signed up in order to make this program viable.

We realize that this is a new program, and we look forward to answering your questions at the meeting on December 1st.

Finally, we want to encourage all kids who are interested in playing another sport during the winter, to do so! The Winter Workouts are voluntary and we are happy to provide the opportunity to hit, but we love hearing about our Eagle baseball athletes who are playing and excelling in other sports. This athleticism will serve them well in the spring when we welcome our multi sport athletes back to the diamond with open arms.

EBI Waiver Form here